"See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too."
-- Linus Torvalds

Linux Links (checked December 6, 2001)

General Linux Information:

Linux News & Publications:

Linux Distributions:

  • Caldera -- Linux distribution geared towards the corporate world.
  • Debian -- Software in the Public Interest builds the Debian distribution.
  • Mandrake -- Based on RedHat's distribution, but includes KDE for a desktop environment.
  • Linux on Power PC -- Power up your Macintosh with Linux!
  • Red Hat Software -- Red Hat makes the leading Linux distribution.
  • Slackware -- The Slackware Linux Project
  • S.u.S.E. -- One of the newest distributions in America, . S.u.S.E. started in Germany.
  • TurboLinux -- The largest Linux distribution in Japan.
  • Yellow Dog Linux for Power PC -- Another Great Macintosh Linux Distro!

Desktop and GUI Projects:

  • Berlin Consortium -- Developing the successor to X Windows.
  • Linux-GGI -- As they say, GGI is ``the right thing to do''.
  • GNU Network Object Model Environment -- (GNOME) Making Linux easier for non-geeks, and its totally free
  • GNUstep -- A free implementation of OpenStep for Linux.
  • Ice WM -- WM that does a little bit of everything, and it's really fast.
  • KDE -- The K Desktop Environment is making Linux easier for non-geeks
  • WindowMaker -- OpenStep-ish WM for Linux.
  • XFce -- XFce is a lightweight desktop environment for various UNIX systems.
  • X Free 86 -- Makers of the fastest free X Window server on the planet.
  • Xi Graphics -- Makers of the fastest X Window server on the planet.

Other Linux Projects:

  • Apache -- The Apache HTTP Server Project
  • IBM -- Linux Technology Center
  • Borland Kylix -- Delphi for Linux!
  • CUPS -- The Common UNIX Printing System is a cross-platform printing solution for all UNIX environments.
  • GIMP -- The GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • Harbour Project -- Harbour, a free software Clipper compatible compiler!
  • MySQL -- Lightweight, fast and free SQL db.
  • OpenSSH -- A FREE version of the SSH protocol.
  • PHP -- An HTML-embedded scripting language
  • PostgreSQL -- A sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS
  • Linux Router Project -- Turn any old PC into a Linux-based router.
  • Samba -- Open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients
  • Linuxconf -- a system-wide configuration utility and activator; may be the Red Hat system tool in the future
  • The Universal Menu System (umenu) -- Implement plain text menus usable on any Linux monitor, terminal, emulator or telnet session.
  • VNC -- Virtual Network Computing
  • VMWare -- Logically partition a single computer into multiple simultaneous operating systems.
  • Wine -- Wine headquarters; Run Windows software under Linux.

Security Links:

  • Bastille Hardening System -- attempts to "harden" or "tighten" the Linux operating system.
  • CERT -- Internet security expertise center operated by Carnegie Mellon University.
  • The GNU Privacy Guard -- GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP.
  • SANS Emergency Incident Handler -- Internet Storm Center
  • Linux Security Central -- contains information and links to the top security tools in the Linux world today.
  • Nessus -- A free, powerful, up-to-date and easy to use remote security scanner.
  • OpenSSH -- is a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools.
  • PGP Security -- Protecting your privacy.
  • Computer Forensic Analysis -- Security researchers Dan Farmer (Earthlink) and Wietse Venema (IBM).
  • Security Focus -- dedicated to furthering discussion on the topic of computer security.
  • Security Space -- Get free email notifications and alerts here.
  • SmoothWall -- is a secure operating system that converts a redundant PC into a firewall and VPN gateway
  • Snort -- The Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System.
  • SSH -- Security software for demanding network security solutions.
  • WhiteHats -- Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge and tools required to defend their networks.
  • Xinu is not Unix -- this site is all about UNIX and IP networking: security, system administration, programming and some folklore.
  • Linux FreeS/WAN -- An implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux.
  • uncompiled.com -- UNIX, Linux, & *BSD security.

Miscellaneous Links:

Amateur Radio:

  • HamSoft -- Linux Software for the Hamradio Community
  • LREE -- Linux Resources for Electrical Engineers

GNU/Open Source Information:

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